We're a product & brand design studio located in Brooklyn, NY.

About us

We're a boutique creative studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Our team is a mix of designers from many different backgrounds, sharing a passion for solving very difficult problems with the classic tools of graphic design, interaction design, and super hard work.

What we do

We partner with clients to shape the next generation of digital products. Our team helps navigate the complex challenge of creating an innovative software product that is equally intuitive, attractive, and technically sound. We work primarily on mobile applications, across all platforms, with companies both large and small.

How we work

We are an iterative and multi-disciplinary practice. A comprehensive knowledge of mobile application design allows us to move fluidly from high-level business problems to tactile execution. We place a strong emphasis on seeing and using the ideas we present, and believe that sharing progress early and often is the basis for successful and innovative products.